About Us

Saafara Herbal Teas brings you the flavors and tastes of West Africa in the delicious, healthy, and caffeine-free wild-crafted teas. These 100% natural herbal teas are steeped in the rich botanical history of Senegal and surrounding regions, where the ancients and the mystics of West Africa preserved their healing knowledge of plants and blends. But although this deeply rooted herbal tea culture (including some 10,000 infusions!) is the common inheritance in Africa, only a fraction of the teas (such as honeybush or rooibos from South Africa) are well-known throughout the world. It is Saafara’s mission to introduce the world to the treasure of West African teas that will delight the palate, heal the body, and enrich the soul.

“I am not reinventing tea, I am bringing you new exceptional tastes and flavors. Something that you haven’t experienced yet. Simple and delicious.”
– Ismael Diagne, Founder of Saafara Herbal Teas

about saafara

As a native of Senegal, I grew up drinking Seh-haw and other West African infusions such as Savanna Mint everyday, while White Hibiscus flower was served as a refreshment after a meal. I am a big tea lover and I didn’t want to be limited with the tea choices available in the U.S market today. Any time, I step into a tea store, I see the same ingredients in a different canister or box. It is time to step outside of that box and taste the ancient traditions steeped in every box of Saafara tea.

In the West African dialect Wolof, the word Saafara means, “a holy water, cure or healing, a solution.” As the world struggles with disease and increased exposures to toxins and pollutants, it is time to discover the African secrets to health in antioxidant-rich infusions. Drinking tea can enhance the body’s ability to fight stress and help maintain overall good health.* We encourage you to embrace the lifestyle and culture of West African teas. The alchemy of the elements of water, fire, earth and the plants combine into a true elixir, bending the rush of time to quiet simplicity in which to heal and enjoy the delicious flavors of Africa with every sip.

It is our mission to bring the healing herbal teas of West Africa while working towards solutions to the concerns of the population. To this end, we endeavor to further a cooperative, fair trade business ethic with the women of Senegal that harvest the plants with mutually beneficial projects that are sustainable both environmentally, financially and socially. 25 cents from each tea box purchase will help build acceptable delivery rooms with clean beds and linens as well as potable water facilities in poor African communities. Saafara Herbal Teas strives for the world’s most delicious, healthiest herbal infusions that are packaged and prepared with an environmental and social consciousness.

“Life is precious, make every sip count!”

*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.